Our Team

We are a team of talented individuals from Chicago connected by a noble purpose – to share ideas worth spreading, inspire creative thinking and expand minds.

Jessica Lederhausen

Executive Producer and Curator

Lived in Sweden before moving to Chicago with her husband and children. Played professional golf in Europe. Worked as a dentist in Stockholm. Founded retail store Stockholm Objects in Hinsdale. Passionate advocate for Sustainable Healthy Habits.

Rachel Axelrod

Executive Producer and Curator

Former commercial litigation attorney. Obsessed with to do lists and organizing everything. Connector of people from all walks of life. Overscheduled mom of two boys.  Almond milk latte and yoga lover.  Enthusiastic Executive Producer and Curator of TEDxChicago.

Teresa Aguilera

Stage Manager

Johnny Castle


Troy Pryor

VOG and Artistic Advisor

Devin Soule

Digital Sponsor

Linda Stehno

Design Consultant

Noel Torres

Stage Manager

Megan Taylor

DJ and Music Advisor

Jenny Beightol

Social Media

Mimi Weisberg

Speaker Hospitality

Stephanie Belsky


Ashley Boyd


Christopher Cherek


Joan Christopher

Student Session

Alyssa Griffith


Jeri Hammond

Green Room

Neelima Joshi

sponsors and Partners

Laurie Ly

Attendee Experience

Andrea Sidorow


Whittney Smith

Student Session

Kristina Taheri

Event Space

Annika Valdiserri


Suzanne Wychocki

Student Session

Support Team: Saumya Agrawal, Kyle Akerman, Keegan Chapman, Taricka Clinton, Yoetzin Diaz, Anke Faber, Yolanda Hernandez, Jenny Jacobs, Alisa Klein, Jacob Matysiak, Ryan McHenry, Ann Pitcher, Mark Thompson, Naomi Wexler, and Richard Woo.

Trusted Advisors

Dana Brooks-Reinglass
Alicia Bassuk
Kevin Conroy Smith
Jessica Droste-Yagan
Brandon Hughes
Joshua Leavitt
Mats Lederhausen
Dorri McWhorter
Suzanne Muchin
Amy Segami
Devin Soule

Attend TEDxChicago 2019

Attending a live TEDx event is an interactive, engaging, and exciting experience with other TED-loving people.

Venue SIX10, 610 Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL
May 1, 2019
1 pm - 6 pm (Check-in and Pre-Show 1-2 pm)