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Chicago 2019
Venue SIX10, Chicago
May 1st, 2019

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TEDxChicagoWomen 2018 Speakers

Pauly Ramirez Parra

Latinx – Designer - Humanist

Growing up as a part of multiple communities sculpted
Pauly Ramirez’s vision of tomorrow. Her perspective
bridges the breath and depth of diverse cultures, bringing a
fresh voice to our understanding of culture and commerce.
After graduating SAIC, Pauly embarked upon an
entrepreneurial journey to inspire and empower
underrepresented communities in traditional cultural

Rohina Malik

Playwright – educator - solo artist

Rohina Malik is an Award-winning Chicago playwright and solo performance artist. Rohina’s play THE MECCA TALES  and YASMINA'S NECKLACE were both nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award for Best New Play.  Malik's critically acclaimed solo play UNVEILED has been presented in the US, Canada, Africa, and Europe. Malik was selected to receive the 2018 Lee Reynolds Award, given annually to a woman in theatre whose work has helped to illuminate the possibilities for social, cultural, or political change.

Prashanthi Raman

Trailblazer – Strategist - Mother

Prashanthi Raman is the Director of Public Policy for Lyft, a role that allows her to manage policy issues across the country where she negotiates with elected officials, builds relationships with third-party stakeholders, and speaks on behalf of the company.

Fabrice Braunrot

Health – Wellness - Optimizer

Fabrice Braunrot putting the skills he developed over 34 years as an advisor to many of the world’s wealthiest families to work to help a broader audience make the most of their personal health “portfolio”.

Dr. Michele Kerulis

Inspirational – Focused - Innovative

Dr. Michele Kerulis is an award-winning professor and licensed clinician who is passionate about teaching people how to obtain and maintain balance in their lives through the lens of sport psychology. As an author and professional speaker, Dr. Kerulis educates people about the role balance plays in having a successful life and how balance helps people become resilient during difficult times. She is a recognized leader at state, regional, and national levels, certified through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and a member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry.

DJ Megan Taylor

Megan Taylor is one of the top DJ’s and influential tastemakers in Chicago. She got her start and continues to collaborate as a DJ and Creative Producer with Fig Media, an event media agency in Chicago. She is dedicated to bringing joy and authenticity to each event.

Brandon Green


As a lifelong resident of the city of Chicago, Brandon has committed himself to being an agent of change. Brandon is a model represented by Ford Model Management and is co-founder of River City Community Development Center whose ambition is to walk children and their families on the west side of Chicago from cradle to career. As a published author and lecturer,  Brandon advocates for equity, diversity, inclusion and community engagement.



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Venue SIX10, 610 South Michigan Ave.
Chicago IL
May 1st 2019
1 pm -6 pm