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Application process

TEDxChicago is always looking for great ideas that we can bring to our community on the TEDxChicago stage.

The application is open for anyone - either you apply yourself or someone else nominates you.

The deadline for TEDxChicago 2020 applications will be March 1, 2020.

What is expected of the speakers preparing their talk as well as on the day of the event

You’re required to be responsive and provide talk outlines, slides and other information we ask for.

You’re expected to work with the speaker coaches to modify your talk to optimize impact according and at the pace you agree on with them.

You must be present the entire event, for the dress rehearsal and preferably also at speaker/sponsor gathering.

We also emphasize that you are available for interaction with attendees before and after your talk at the day of the event.

What are we looking for in a talk?

  1. The nominee presenting a crystal-clear, singular idea within 3-12 min.

  2. An idea that addresses a topic of acute interest to our audience or a pressing challenge in our community, preferably congruent with this year’s event theme.

  3. The story telling takes the listener FROM one way of seeing things TO a new way of seeing the same things.

  4. The idea was founded in proven data or experience and have broader application than to just the speaker’s life or situation.

  5. That the idea presented is an idea we have not heard before at TEDxChicago or any other TED or TEDx speaker.

  6. One of the most important aspects of a creating a great talk is to show a willingness to be vulnerable.

  7. See TED guidelines: HERE

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